Angelique is the creator and facilitator of Colour Theory, an anti-racism art exhibit that includes a discussion series around the experiences of racism and topics in anti-racism. 

Angelique has developed a number of facilitated anti-racism conversations. She starts with gently guiding participants through determining what participation looks like by defining respect and trust together. 

Angelique uses modern and traditional mindfulness techniques to ground participants in a space of healing where the mind and heart can safely participate in open discussion.

​Themes of discussions include (but are not limited to) historical colonialism in today’s workplace, strengthening the practice of allyship, privilege in everyone, unconscious bias, anti-racism in my daily life and how to talk to loved ones about anti-racism. 

These topics can be challenging for everyone. Angelique focuses the group on mindful listening and curiosity to intentionally shift from reactivity into deep inquiry. It's in this container of safety that the circle of participants can benefit from the group's wisdom as a whole and contemplate how to apply the wisdom to every day life.