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At the intersection of JEDDI, team building, personal growth & art...

I offer unique and highly interactive workshops, team building and coaching to adults and youth within the themes of justice, equity, decolonization, diversity & inclusion (JEDDI). Advocacy for minorities, allyship, intersectionality, and mindfulness, are key themes woven throughout the services I offer.

I am passionate about applying my creativity to support individuals in their learning and self reflection of social justice issues. I design inclusive, safer spaces where courage and vulnerability lead us into deep connection. Through transformative dialogue we can learn from and empower each other in taking positive actions to enhance our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Every time we are in dialogue with each other, Every time we are truly engaged with each other,

We have a chance to restore our faith in humanity, or erode it.

~Join me in transformative spaces that we'll create together ~



The New Extreme Art

Youth Mentorship Program was in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and the Victoria High School, Students of Colour Association... learn more


Colour Theory: an art-based, anti-racism empowerment program featured 11 BIPOC artists at three separate art galleries... learn more


Organizational Anti-Racism was a workshop for the University of Alberta. Angelique brought  colleague Julian Wilson into this critical discussion... learn more

"You have a warm and kind way of communicating without bypassing discomfort for people who are just new to antiracism or making it a passive thing."

"The program actually opened new conversations with people that I have known for a long time. They saw my art and this sparked several different conversations both about my own experiences and about racism in the art world and in general."

"This helped develop my anti racism language and tools to better educate my surrounding community and advocate for anti racism work."

"Thank you for creating a safe space for us to learn to together and having the vision to share it. Thank you also for making hard work fun."

"I feel much more validated in my own feelings & emotions - even the angry parts - and confident in my journey being on an upward path of growth. It was very rewarding to be in a group with such a wide array of ages and witness all the different stages of our anti racism journeys."

"Your words and wisdom have made a significant impact on the way in which I carry out my work and I am so grateful for the lessons you have taught me. I admire your commitment to this very important work and thank you for making this all happen."

"I've acquired many more skills to enact when speaking up against injustices I see and experience every day."

"It has given me more language tools to use than I had before, as well as tools to uses to deescalate my own emotions in the heat of the moments."

"Thank you for creating such a warm, safe place to have these sometimes difficult conversations. Your creativity and leadership are inspiring!"

"The workshop has inspired me to begin conversations about racism and be more likely to respond (instead of ignore) when the topic comes up in conversation or something controversial is said."

"Thanks for giving me a space to talk about my experiences. I really appreciate talking to you about different topics and learning from you. You are awesome!"

"This workshop expanded my anti racism vocabulary and put words to experiences that I never knew how to verbally describe or quantify before."

"Angelique, you've chosen the best place to start - at the beginning. Thanks for your courage to be you in front of all of these people and on this special topic."

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